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Minnie endured years of abuse working in the American porn industry. Despite escaping with only her life, she is haunted by trauma that presents in her memories and is preserved in her adult films, which remain available for the world to see.

Now desperate, broke, unhoused and alone, she knows that for her to believe she can have a future, she must find the girl and woman she lost in her past.
Setting out on a road trip of investigation, Minnie seeks the places and people she ran from, hoping they hold clues to the mystery that has become her obsession: Where did she lose herself, does she still exist somewhere, and how can she find herself?

In this painful yet hopeful cinematic memoir, Minnie allows us to document her hero’s journey - from a straight A-student with a promising athletic career, through drug addiction, abuse, and sexual trauma, to the heights of the adult industry as porn starlet Callie Calypso, to the depths of suicidal despair and we hope - to a new beginning for a challenging and tenacious young woman.

I’m Not Her is an intimate and honest documentary that explores one woman’s life and experiences in the porn industry, a multi billion dollar cultural juggernaut that affects all of us. As porn becomes more accessible and ubiquitous through the evolution of technology and culture, we consume more adult content, beginning at a younger age. It’s imperative now that we examine the effects of porn on the creators, consumers and society at large. With unflinching courage, Minnie invites us to do so through her eyes.

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